"Crossin' the Bridge"

01 maggio 2013


The IUS at the May 1st, 2013




Approximately 175.000 have participated up until now in 42 of these occasions, coming from all 5 continents.  Each year, they peacefully invade Loppiano for an event born almost by accident in 1973.


The first of May has become a date not to be missed for many who wish to ‘pull up their sleeves’ and to ‘work to make reciprocity among peoples and cultures a reality’: to cross that bridge which unites beyond that which pulls apart.  There will be various programs, forums and specific initiatives.  The IUS will be present as well to present its own programs of study centered on that very culture of unity which this event proclaims.


“Crossin’ the bridge” (the link to the official website of this event is available here) is the title of this 43rd encounter, at the close of the year of the Genfest held in Budapest from August 31 to September 2, 2012 and where the IUS itself was present. 

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