Seminar on the Principle of Fraternity

11 marzo 2013 - 13 marzo 2013


“Fraternity as relational, juridical and political principle"

I.U. Sophia, March 11-12-13, 2013






The interest on the theme of fraternity, intended as principle of thought and action in the public sphere, not as parental relationship or as a tie within a community, has grown greatly at the international level in the last few years as exemplified by recent numerous publications dealing with this theme.  The seminar presents an occasion to meet, and to go in depth, first of all for scholars who have already dealt with this theme.  Students and interested public can attend the works, by first registering. 


To propose a paper:     

- The requests (abstract presentation form) must be received by organizers by Oct. 15, 2012; abstracts can be presented in Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and must contain up to 300 words (eventual bibliography is not included in word count).
- The Scientific Committee will answer requests by Nov. 15, 2012.
- Authors of submitted abstracts will send completed texts by Feb.15, 2013


Final due date for admission of relators and auditors:  Feb. 20, 2013 (registration form).


Scientific Committee:   


Antonio Maria Baggio (Sophia University Institute)
Adriana Cosseddu (Sassari University)
Luca Fazzi (Trento University)
Pasquale Ferrara (Luiss and  Sophia University Institute)
Viliam Karas (Trnava University, Slovakia)
Gennaro Iorio (Salento University)
Roberto Mancini (Macerata University)
Antonio Márquez Prieto (Málaga University)
Ilenia Massa Pinto (Turin University)
Martin Nkafu (Lateran Pontifical University)
Rocco Pezzimenti (Lumsa, Roma)
Filippo Pizzolato (Milano-Bicocca University)
Franco Riva (Milano Catholic University)
Robert Roche-Olivar (Barcelona University)
Daniela Ropelato (Sophia University Inst. and St. Thomas Pontifical University)


Seminar is promoted by:


  • Sophia University Institute, Florence;
  • Málaga University;
  • Trnava University, Bratislava;
  • Barcelona Autonomous University: Laboratory of Investigation on Pro-social Applications;
  • Milano Catholic University: Department of Philosophy;
  • Milano-Bicocca University: Department of Law for Economics;
  • Lateran Pontifical University, Rome: Department of Human and Social Science – Africa.


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