22 marzo 2014


Medici Riccardi Palace,  Luca Giordano Hall

via Camillo Cavour, 3 - Florence


From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm




This is an opportunity to get to know the IUS and to discover a new idea of university. Questioning facts and building a new culture by starting with new questions.


Piero Coda

Sophia University Institute

Massimo Toschi

Counsellor to the  Presidency for Peace,
Tuscan Region

Daniela Ropelato

Prof. in Political Science
Sophia University Institute

Rosa Bruna De Pasquale

Director of the Provincial School Board
Province of Florence

Benedetto Gui

Prof. of Political Economy
University of Study, Padua

Lorella Zanardo

Activist and Writer



Giorgia Salvatori, responsible for external relations for the IUS will be coordinating talks, interviews and dialogues with guests and students of Sophia University Institute.


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