The “new” awaiting us

Best wishes from Sophia University for 2012

What best wish can I make for 2012? The challenges that await us are neither few nor small. We need to re-launch, indeed, to be reborn to new life – as Christmas reminded us. And rebirth – we know, but seldom draw the conclusions – is a matter of the heart, but also of the mind, and therefore also of action.  
But above all of the heart: it is in the heart and from the heart that one is reborn, because we are never reborn alone, but from others. For those who have faith: from God, Abbà, from whom Jesus was born and lived . For those who do not have faith in God, but in the human person: from that which transcends, calls out to and encourages us.
But it is not enough to be born from the heart, drawing from it the breath of hope and of new life. We also have to be reborn in our minds together. That is, to close with schemes of thinking that are old and passé, in order to approach with courage that which is new with novel ways of thinking.  Without the rebirth of our minds, the rebirth of our hearts is simply a dream and will dissipate into nothing. It is the mind that must shape and plan the new rebirth of the heart.
From this  emerges the last and indispensable step: taking action. The giving shape to and planning of the new, in order not to remain just on paper, must in fact take flesh. And for this to happen, we need to work together, to get our hands dirty in the small and big worksites of history, without fear and an open mind. The heart, the mind and action – in pursuit of the new that is awaiting us and to which we are called to give expression to, because it is already present among us and is urging us on with force.
Our Sophia University Review is an expression of these novelties that with simplicity, trust and determination, aspire to be of service in 2012. I am with each of you, wishing you the very best!
Piero Coda, President

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