The Theoretical Points of Philosophy

Focus on teaching the disciplines of philosophy

January 20, 2012: The first seminar for the professors of philosophy courses at the IUS. “Philosophy and History of Philosophy: discerning the theoretical points  – 1. Greek Philosophy,” was the title of this Study Day. Present, along with President Piero Coda, was Mauro Mantovani, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome, as well as the professors of all philosophy courses at the IUS and the doctoral students in the philosophy and politics track.
The work began with the reading of a text written by Pasquale Foresi , Philosophy and History of Philosophy, enlightening in the need to address all thinkers, to research «the deep soul of their questioning, that intuition, that something of themselves and their lives that they brought, as their gift, to humanity.»  There were three main talks: by Antonio Maria Baggio (The Myth and the Origins of Philosophy), by Massimiliano Marianelli (A History of Theoretical Philosophy – reflection on the relationship between philosophy/history of philosophy) and by Mauro Mantovani (Aristotle and Aristotelianism). They were incisive and essential talks, which brought out a deep dialogue, full of research potential, interesting also for the goal of teaching, to discern those points which could be of help to those who have to integrate philosophy in a trans-disciplinary framework.
The day concluded with a few programmatic indications, aimed at beginning a reflection on the teaching of philosophy at the IUS, thanks to a forum on the theme of the seminar to insert in the Sophia Review. We would like to extend this study also to other academic entities. An intense day of work, that left us with the sensation of having taken a valid step ahead in our own personal research work and in the collaboration with everyone present.

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