Beauty Versus Beauties

Ideas, definitions, artistic experiences in rapport

Hosted by the University of Padua, in the prestigious Sala delle Edicole, and by the city administration of Padua in the main hall of its Cultural Center, the second meeting of the project “Between Creativity and Interpretation,” was held from 3 - 5 February 2012.  It was an exploration of the network of relations generated by an artistic work, entitled “To Create Beauty/ies.” A original workshop-seminar, it programmatically highlighted all that is connected in artistic creation and expression: all that is “inter’ and “intra.”
Born from a collaboration between profesors of the IUS, the University of Padua, the Conservatory of the University of Trent, the workshop was inderdisciplinary in its approach (under various profiles: music, pedagogy, sociology, theology, philosophy...) to exploring the subject of creativity and interpretation, in order to seek a more complete definition of beauty in its plularity, of truth expressed in many notes. Through the different sessions, a dialogue ensued “between” science and artistic praxis, “between” theorists and performers, “between” styles and eras, “between” music and society, rich with contributions that once again offered intellectual depth and artistic talent, that opened new horizons and stimulatings paths.  
The participants shared from their different perspectives on the problems of historical improvisation and jazz. Just as significant was the presentation on some experiences of creativity in the inter-cultural sphere, aimed at fostering the integral development of youth in the poorest enviroments in South America. They went in depth on the importance of creativity and of interpretation in educational practices. And there was also time dedicated to the creative process of the composer and his/her rapport with the interpreter of the work. The diversity of the fields covered did not create dispersion or superficiality, but offered transversal paradigms, usable with equal effectiveness in different fields, even without any apparent direct connections.
The different talks were followed by frequent musical interludes of high quality, offered by the musicians present, coordinated in an improvisation workshop led by the French composer/teacher, François Rossè. On Saturday evening, the music session was opened to the city, with a concert that offered a unique performance between a pianist on stage and a German organist in the back, a jazz guitarist and a violinist accompanied by singers. The most unique pieces were played : improvised and interpretive moments of high quality and impact.
Above all, the beauty of the relationships established was of great value, confirmed by a great number of future collaborations interwoven after having participated in a “Fecund choral womb.”

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