Trinitarian Onthology. Disciplines in Dialogue

Interdisciplinary Seminar, 9-10 March 2012

Attend by invitation

Also this year, the IUS is bringing together permanent teaching staff, visiting professors and other lecturers in different research fields, Doctoral and Master’s level students, at the interdisciplinary Seminar of the Institute, shaping up to be one of the central moments in the academic year. 
The goal of the two-day seminar, held in the Main Hall, is committing: to come up with an initial review of the research topic that is at the heart of Sophia’s very mission: Trinitrian Onthology. In particular, participants will attempt to critically discuss the plan for the “methodologies” that such a subject calls for, in order not to risk having some heavy epistemological short circuits.
In fact, it is  improbable that one could move in a coherent manner in this realm without an essential knowledge of theology; as it would also result imprudent on the part of a theologian to use a mathematical or economic model and apply it amply to his/her discipline.
For this reason, the title of the Seminar refers to what appear to be “precautions for use.” From the moment that many are the studies which refer to the “Trinitarian paradigm” within the research paths that integrate - with various titles - the academic programs of IUS, it does not seem out of place to explicate in a direct and rigorous manner that the exportation, even if just by analogy, of a model from one disciplinary realm to another, remains  a difficult and complex operation.

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