Lessons on Cosmology at the IUS

“The Human Person and the Cosmos”

The students consider it one of the most interesting courses at the IUS. It offers the possibility of approaching in an interdisciplinary manner the big question of the meaning of relationships that connect us to the cosmos, according to the three different disciplinary perspectives: scientific cosmology, philosophy of nature and theology of creation.
When introducing the course, held in the second semester at Sophia, Prof. Sergio Rondinara stated: «The perspective adopted is that of starting from an interdisciplinary perspective to draw closer to a trans-disciplinary approach. It is a matter of a different approach, which opens the connection between different fields of knowledge to a new attitude towards science, which overcomes the opposition and conflict between disciplines, in order to aim at their greater integration, which contributes to an integral vision of the human person and the cosmos in their close mutual rapport.”   
We could ask ourselves the reason behind such a path. There are two answers to that question, stated Rondinara . The first reason regards «an aspect that has traversed all of Western culture and which in the last decades has increasingly made its mark. I am referring to the forgetting of the cosmos, in the same sense in which Martin Heidegger spoke of a philosophical space of forgetting of the being.»
The second reason regards the fact that «our being-in-the-world constitutes the fundamental fact of our human conscience. Our conscience, in fact, presents me with an I-in-the-world as a unitarian phenomenon, never an isolated ‘I’ which is foreign to my context.» 
The exercise involved in the lessons is more than ever courageous: to learn and use the theoretical instruments and the language of three different and independent spheres of knowledge. Research begins with the current study of scientific cosmology to draw closer, through a philosophical reflection on the externally-scientific themes posed by cosmology itself, to the most fundamental of questions on the meaning, the significance of the Cosmos.

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