The IUS at Cagliari, Italy

The IUS at Cagliari, Italy

Chiara Lubich and the Sophia Project

On occasion of the naming of a city street after Chiara Lubich in Sardegna’s capital last 20 April, a conference was held in the ancient City Hall of Cagliari entitled “Chiara Lubich: Spirituality, Culture and Dialogue.”

The speakers – the theologian Piero Coda, president of the Sophia University Institute, the economist Luigino Bruni, the Muslim theologian Sharahzad Houshmand, professor of Islamic Studies at the Gregorian University of Rome and doctoral candidate at the IUS – delineated the figure of Chiara Lubich and the contribution given by her to their respective fields of study. The conference, introduced by the Mayor of Cagliari, Massimo Zedda, and by the President of the City Council, Ninni Depau, was noteworthy also for its unusual attendance: 250 people who participated with vivid interest.


In closing the sessions, the presidents of the City Council thanked all those present, saying: «I had the privilege of listening to stories that gave me the dimensions of the stature of this woman whose values are universal. And I have understood how the interconnection between the different scientific and philosophical disciplines, and a life that is open to others, is an added value which our society is in great need of.”  


After the conference, the promoters wished to give time for a dense dialogue between the speakers and around 70 young people, professors and educators, as well as those who were simply interested, who welcomed the opportunity to know the ‘Sophia’ project in- depth, a vision thought of and strongly supported by Chiara Lubich.  At the showing of an introductory video, full of information, life and inspiration, President Coda and some professors of the IUS addressed the potential new students of the IUS and those who support this novel experience, aware of its crucial function for today, at the service of the human and cultural development of our cities.

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