Sophia at the 3rd Annual Event of LoppianoLab

Sophia at the 3rd Annual Event of LoppianoLab

“Italy-Europe. One Workshop for Youth, Work and Innovation”

September 20-23, 2012


Also this year the IUS is one of the four sponsors of LoppianoLab, beside the Editorial Group of Città Nuova, at the EoC Industrial Park (Economy of Communion) and at the little city of Loppiano. The title of the 2012 event invites us to look at the country in its globality and to build up Europe through Institutions (not just monetarily) and of peoples. The young people will be privileged actors, involved in two key directions: civic participation & commitment and work & innovation.

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Some moments in the program where the IUS will give a more direct contribution:


• Evening on universal fraternity and politics: “Myth and Fraternity. Poetry as the Guest of Honor” Friday September 21, 2012, Loppiano Auditorium, at 9:00 pm.


Antonio Maria Baggio, professor of political philosophy at the IUS, will dialogue with Donato Falmi, Editorial Director of www.cittanuova.ithttp://www.cittanuova.it, on the meaning and the exercise of politics in the light of the principle of fraternity, a topic which the new co-authored volume, “Cain and his Brothers,” attempts to address. The book will be released in September. The evening will be enriched by the artistic contributions of M.Thérèse Henderson, musician, and Adonella Monaco, actress.


• Presentation of Sophia Magazine, an academic semestral review of the IUS: time will be given in particular to students through the workshop “Sophia and Young People. A Research Workshop,” Saturday Sept. 22, Loppiano Auditorium, from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm.

Every issue of the magazine will reserve an important section for the presentation of some contributions by the students in the Master’s and Ph.D programs and their final works.  Two young graduates will be present with a synthesis of their research published in the magazine, offering at the same time an exemple of the inter-disciplinarian dialogue specific to the IUS project.


• Five “youth” workshops, Sat. and Sun. Sept. 22-23, in Loppiano Auditorium. Work, information, educational crisis, legality, film-music-art; five out of seven thematic workshops will directly involve young people.

In particular, in the Main Hall of the IUS, on Sat. and Sun. of Sept. 22-23, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, there will be a Seminar on ‘Youth and Work: a work in progress. What if we give work the gift of fraternity?” The Seminar by the Schools belonging to the Movement for Unity in Politics, will join educational journey to political commitment carried forward by more than 20 local groups in Italy, which involve about 500 young people nationally.  Participation is by invitation and it is necessary to register.


• The Economy of Communion and the youth:  ‘Seminar on Business Incubators,’ Friday Sept. 23, at ‘Lionello Bonfanti' Industrial Park, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.


The focus of the Convention will be the crisis of young people as regards work: if work is one of the factors of competition in a territory, innovation is now the main road towards a successful occupation.
The "Lionello Bonfanti" Industrial Park is one of innovation in the region of Tuscany, finalized to sustaining the activity of technological transference and of support to entrepreneurship.  A part of its structure is destined to a space of incubation for innovative businesses which aim at shared ethical principles.


Information and registration: for all participating young people at LoppianoLab, there are meal and accommodation packages  (see: participation form 2012).
loppianolab.accoglienza@loppiano.it – +39.055.9051102 – www.loppiano.it

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