The new virtues of the market

The new virtues of the market

New book by Bruni launched in Milan

“There are people today who dream a more just and helpful world, finally freed from the markets, money and banks: I am not among these, because in loving justice and solidarity, I have learned that a good society is not built without market and economic and financial sector, but only with good markets, a good economy and a healthy financial sector.” 
(from the introduction)

At the launching of the new book by Luigino Bruni "The New Virtues of the Market in the Era of Common Goods,” edited by Città Nuova, the review Aggiornamenti Sociali, the San Fedele Cultural Foundation and the editorial group of Città Nuova organized a meeting in which the author, economist and professor at the IUS, dialogued with the philosopher Salvatore Natoli, the psychoanalyst Sergio Premoli and the theologian Pierangelo Sequeri.

At the core of their discussion was the demand for a different dimension of economic and civil life, which emphasis certain virtues– Bruni’s book declares this right in its title – that need to take root: civil fraternity, gratuity, public happiness, hope, mutual assistance and humility. However, the economic and social horizon, perhaps in an unexpected way, places the discontinuity with respect to the current picture on a deeper level. It is therefore a writing that aspires to explore the big words of the economy and the market (and therefore of life), starting from the original perspective of dialogue in order to better understand also the serious crisis that our era is going through.


“ … I am convinced that the great lesson from the social sciences of the 1900s has not yet been understood; that is, that growth and development do not depend mainly on the actions of governments and the large institutions, but on the daily behavior of millions of citizens.” 


Appointment in Milan, Wednesday 16 May, at 18.00
Fondazione Culturale "San Fedele", in Piazza San Fedele 4


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