Michele Zanzucchi

Michele Zanzucchi

Il silenzio e la parola. La luce
(Silence and the Word. The Light)


On occasion of the World Day for Social Communications, promoted by the Holy See, last May 16, 2012 a convention was held in Rome entitled: “Silence and Word: mass media today, challenges and critical issues.”

The debate included a number of speakers: Bishop Domenico Pompili, director of the National Office for the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Giampiero Gamaleri, professor of Sociology and Cultural and Communication Processes at the Rome Three University, Giulio Albanese, director of Popoli e Missioni and Michele Zanzucchi, director of Città Nuova.


The meeting also offered the opportunity to present a new book by Michele Zanzucchi, “IL SILENZIO E LA PAROLA. LA LUCE – ascolto, comunicazione e mass media” (Silence and the Word. The Light – listening, communication and mass media”, Collana Universitas, Città Nuova Editrice

In fact, the coincidence between the book’s title and the theme for the 46th World Day of Social Communications did not  go unobserved. The Day’s theme was thus formulated:  “Silence and the Word: a journey of evangelization.” Therefore, an occasion for the author to underscore the need to reflect on the meaning of silence in our modern culture and in the different professions of the media world: «Silence gives life to communication and has a valence not only in interpersonal relationships but also in our rapport with the world of mass-media .» «The means of communication have completely forgotten the fecundity of the dual term ‘word-silence’ in their functions, and if it is not talked about, they are convinced it does not exist. And yet, they should rediscover it» (from Vatican Radio’s interview with Michelle Zanzucchi).


THE BOOK – We live in an era dominated by communications. We constantly communicate, anywhere and everywhere. It is a noise that often looses sight of the human person at the heart of the communicative process. This is the conducting thread of Zanzucchi’s research. Addressed to professionals in the communications field – journalists, film-makers, television people, IT staff, public relations experts and of print media, and scholars of communications and of mass media – the author, going from the analysis of the current mass media environment, tracing out a journey of reflection with the dual term “silence and the word,” reaches a proposal for a communication of the human person and for the human person.


THE AUTHOR - Michele Zanzucchi, director of Città Nuova, professor of journalism at the Gregorian University and mass media expert at the Sophia University Institute, has published with Città Nuova, among other works: Cristiani nelle terre del Corano (2007); Sull’ampio confine. Storie di cristiani nel Caucaso (2010). On the subject of communication, we want to mention: Comunicazione e unità, with Lella Siniscalco (2003) and Tutta rivestita di parola, il mondo della comunicazione si specchia in Maria (2004). The San Paolo published his following books: Un popolo nato dal Vangelo (2002) and L’Islam che non fa paura (2004). Among other publications, the Vatican Publishing House released his book interview with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Un cuore grande. Omaggio a Giovanni Paolo II (2011).


Link to the interview (audio): http://www.radiovaticana.org/105/Articolo.asp?c=589812

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