Gain professionalism by gambling in life

Gain professionalism by gambling in life

Thiago Borges, Brazil


Many revolutions in history began in an unexpected way. Conditions around, clamor for change; needing just a spark, an idea to concentrate the driving desire for social transformation of an era.

Young people often find themselves at the center of these moments. I can not hide the fact that, like many immersed in the problems of the mega-cities of our countries, I asked myself: When will this change?
I discussed it with some friends, I studied the paths of great protagonists of history, I asked myself many questions.
When I started working as a journalist at the headquarters of ANSA in São Paulo, I did not miss the occasion to bring out in my articles the signs of the crisis, seeking truth. I was full of great aspirations. Yet as I gain experience, I felt the urge of idealism was not enough ...

The complexity of the contemporary world put me in front of a demand of expertise and experience that I felt I was not able to respond. Much more in crisis situations rampant in our interdependent societies, work-related problems, international finance, conflicts, obsolete institutional mechanisms, I felt that the risk was to work ... off course, while history runs scenarios that I could not decipher.


Thiago Borges


The proposal to enroll in Sophia has been grafted on this reflection. I decided to invest in plane ticket and preparations everything I had and decided to spend two years of my life in a course which combines theory and daily  practice, to explore a new culture, that of unity.
I enrolled in political track wherein I entered a laboratory of life in which, day by day, with students and teachers from different backgrounds, we face an intensive program of study which delineates the culture of unity in many areas of science and of human action.

At IUS we experience that a lofty goal of social change can and must be accompanied by a thorough preparation: we need professional formation, multidimensional knowledge, a 360° method of dialogue, to relate to people and peoples near and far and able to manage the network of interdependence that characterizes our time.

The dense confront between disciplines, illuminated by Chiara Lubich's charism, is supported by the daily effort to put into practice the insights and academic results we achieve in the classroom. All of these got me involved and gave me diverse tools and perspectives. Having arrived at the end of the path, I can say that I acquired some expertise that will help me in my work as a journalist, not only to write more technically elaborated pieces, but above all to accept elements of those facts which I would probably have escaped before.

I realized that the "new" I'm looking for is built in relationship with people, with colleagues, with those interviewed, with the public who reads me: it only comes through intense life of communitarian dialogue, sharing and verification.

To aspire to a better world is something very important, but look for the right tools is equally fundamental. At IUS I realized that you can not improvise, we must devote time and resources to create necessary conditions.

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