Chile: First EoC School

Chile: First EoC School

"Fundamentos de la Economía de Comunión. La persona al centro"


July 8 at Santiago, Chile, the first school of the Economy of Communion held in the Andean Country and organized by ‘Silva Henriques University; and ‘Santissima Conception’ University in collaboration with Sophia University Institute, has concluded.


Giovani alla prima Scuola EdC in Cile


The first occasion of encounter between the Chilean universities which promote initiatives of the IUS, took place May 2011, when professors of the two academic institutions  of Santiago Chile, participated in the international Assembly of the EoC which took place in the little Brazilian citadel of the Focolare, near Sao Paulo.  Mutual knowledge was further reinforced when professors of the Faculty of ‘Economy and Business Administration’ paid a visit to the IUS, some months later in Italy, on September 2011.  It was then possible to elaborate the project, which proposal was successfully integrated in the course of economic studies of both faculties.


Benedetto Gui, professor of political economy at the IUS, as well as having tenure at the University of Economy, Padua, reports some conclusive impressions: “It was a new experience for these young people. New are also the messages they have received, the cultural stimuli which this morning, at the moment of tracing an outcome of the initiative, brought them to express satisfaction and gratitude for all that was shared.”


The program which involved in an active role 30 students and various scholars, unwound very originally between theoretical contributions delineating the general framework, as well as more specific in-depth studies. 


A testimonial from those who bring forward their businesses guided by the idea of the Economy of Communion was presented.  ‘The students have gathered the particularity of this entrepreneurial style, continues Professor Gui. “This school can truly represent a starting point, not only for the academic research on themes of civil economy and communion in Chile, but also for the birth of new enterprises which belong to the global circuit of the EoC: and what better way to realize this objective that that of giving young people the necessary formation?  Our best wishes are obviously all in this direction”.


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