On “Sociology” a Reflection on Agape-Actions

On “Sociology” a Reflection on Agape-Actions

The trace of a path

In sociological thought, traditionally fragmented between interpretative perspectives of social dynamics of a conflicting and supportive nature, both threatened by individual action types, can one see something different emerge?                                        


The work undertaken by the international group of sociologists and social scientists known as "Social-One – Scienze sociali in dialogo" is showing us there can be a positive answer to this question, starting from the re-reading of certain sociology classics (in particular P.A. Sorokin and L. Boltanski), creatively interpreted in the light of a meta-sociological ‘spark’, originating in the thoughts and experiences of Chiara Lubich.       


The concept to which Social-One group refers, is that of ‘agape action’, a way of acting which produces effective social change, presupposing a freedom and renunciation of self in view of building a strong sense of belonging and at the same time, open the way to a transparent ‘blossoming’ of singles.


testata rivista Sociologia


The topic is, slowly but decisively, tracing a path within the Italian sociological community.  Proof of it is the recent publication of a monographic article in "Sociologia. Rivista Quadrimestrale di Scienze Storiche e Sociali" (Sociology. Four/monthly publication of Social and Historical Sciences - year XLV, # 3/2011), in which one finds collected authoritative contributions showing the heuristic dignity and utility of the concept of ‘agape’ in social sciences. 


Belonging to this research group are two IUS scholars, Bernhard Callebaut, professor of Sociology Fundamentals, and Licia Paglione, doctor of research, a recent addition to the teaching body.  Both collaborated to the success of the Seminario internazionale held at Castel Gandolfo (Rome) in January 2011, titled: ‘Agape-action as interpretative category for social sciences’, a convention in which contributions of great interest were added by calibre scholars such as Axel Honneth, philosopher, from Frankfurt University. 

Today, the publication of the acts in the prestigious caption gives strength to a proposal which is able to not only interpret adequately some social dynamics, but also capture essential phenomena for the very survival of society.


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