Annual Calendar 2012/2013

Annual Calendar 2012/2013

Beginning of Academic Activities



As in previous years, the start-off for the autumnal academic activities was marked by some highlights which accompanied its beginning, all taking place after the first weeks of September dedicated to preparatory courses in Italian,  and introduction to theology and philosophy.


The new annual calendar is finally available (here), with updated graphics, an indispensable and complete informational base from which one can attain a full presentation of the IUS, as well as a description of academic courses, with referrals to the Master and Doctorate programs.


Monday, September 24, after mutual presentations of students and professors on staff, ordinary courses were started which integrate the general curriculum of the ‘Foundation Degree and Prospective of a Culture of Unity.” This year, during the first weak, some new specializations were begun: Economy and Management, Trinitarian Ontology and Political Studies.


An urgent academic duty is the election of representatives of the student body and of professors who will be part of the  Campus Council, as per the statutes.

The two distinct assemblies took place Saturday, September 29, with different characteristics. The students had particular difficulty in choosing the two representatives since a good number of them had been enrolled in the programs only a few days before.  However, by the end of the day, the elected received the applause of a convinced gathering:  for the II year, Maria Ines Tolentino da Silva from Portugal, and for the I year, Pierre Kabeza from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A suggestion was made for the future: why not posticipate the date by a month for the main assembly? 


Among the appointed professors were, Giuseppe Argiolas of Cagliari (Economic Department, re-elected from the previous year) and Marie Thérèse Henderson, musician of Scot origin ( Area of research in Eshetics and Music).  In concluding this section, the order of the day proposed a conspicuous number of topics tied to didactics and the programming of the University’s agenda. 

Among events planned, the day for the inauguration of the academic year is close at hand, Thursday Oct. 18.  But this is for another time.


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