“Sophia” at 500 Subscriptions

“Sophia” at 500 Subscriptions

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Among the appointments of LoppianoLab 2012, September 22, at the Auditorium of Loppiano, after the first plenary session, each of the single realities which comprise the Editorial Group of Città Nuova has opened a sort of ‘workshop’, around distinct topics. Among these realities is the Sophia Review, scientific expression of the academic project of the IUS.
After a speedy introduction which described the intentions of the periodical and the features composing it, word was given to the protagonists of the meeting: the young people. 


One of the articles of the Review, entitled ‘workshop’, had been conceived for hosting, (after re-working into article format), those thesis of particular interest, indicated by respective mentors and co-mentors: a peculiarity of the periodical ‘Sophia’, which gives space  to results achieved by young people at the end of their studies.  Four ex-students were able to publish until now: three of them, in two issues during the year 2011, and the fourth in the second issue of 2012, distributed, fresh off the press, on the occasion of LoppianoLab.


The four authors – Marco Bernardoni, Tommaso Bertolasi, Emanuele Pili, Josè Luis Ponciano Bomfim – first traced their academic experience at the IUS, mentioning the contents of their respective research and finally, tried to locate the just concluded study and choice of subject pursued, in the context of each one’s life.  A not to be taken for granted operation, as it has meant dealing with oneself and one’s past in front of an attentive, even if unfamiliar audience.  Interviews and questions coming from the public confirmed the interest of those present, protracting the amount of time previously foreseen for this meeting.


The IUS Review, certainly characterized by its specialized content, makes it a reading addressed mainly to the professional and academic world, as does the quality of the workshop lived at LoppianoLab, and the involvement of young students as well as the attention given by participants, yet, it suggests once again how research done at Sophia has a significant word to offer also to the daily lives of people and in raising widespread interest.


After only four years, in fact, we have 500 subscribers to the periodical, which, for both its mission and its commitment, addresses a number of readers that is vaster than that composed of scientific and cultural institutions  of varying natures, because it faces – from certain angles – crucial questions for our times.  The reader who wishes to consult the periodical and be added among the subscribers, will be adding their own confirmation.


Text: Fabio Dipalma, editorial secretary


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