A Tiny New Candle, Happy Birthday Sophia! 1/2

A Tiny New Candle, Happy Birthday Sophia! 1/2

First part


October 18, inauguration of academic year 2012-2013 at the IUS. News of the event – subdivided into two parts – in the words of Andrea Cardinali, student specializing in Trinitarian Ontology.


"The traditional hymn sung by the students opened the official presentation of the new academic year, celebrated in the beautiful, crowded Auditorium of Loppiano.  Birthday celebrations for this young but promising institution began this way.  A tiny new candle alight on a cake.  A new little flame lit for many. 



Greetings arrived first of all from the Great Chancellor of the Giuseppe Betori Institute and from the Vice Chancellor Maria Voce, who, unable to be personally present, as they are participating at the same time in the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome – did not forget to send their greetings.  The Archbishop of Florence wanted to specify the phisiognomy of Sophia as “a school of thought, not only of contents, but also for the method that gives rhythm to the teaching, the research, study and life, both of the professors and of the students as well as the staff supporting and animating academic life.” 


The message of the President of the Focolare Movement brought those present back to the origins from which, four years ago, this bold project was born, placing itself as ‘a common glimpse turned towards a future to be built together.  In a word, a project which asks more decisively from all of us that love, of living, of being love one for the other.” She concluded: “ I am sure, as you are, that love lived this way will give substance to every step we take, plans and vigour for our journy, it will spur us, in unity, towards those ever vaster horizons which the ut omnes puts in our hearts.”


Following this, the Bishop of the diocese of Fiesole, Mario Meini reiterated himself  honored in seeing the growth of a reality like Sophia within his territory, which not only acts as forerunner for a more open communion of disciplines, but is also a stimulus to unity for the ecclesial community: at the ecumenical and inter-religious level, but also at the political and economic one. 


An intense moment was had when the student representative Maria Ines Tolentino Da Silva who expressed in her talk, not only gratitude, but also strong hope: “Sophia is a place of communion and dialogue, a symbiosis of life and study in a dynamic relationship among people –and peoples –which is reflected in the relationships between knowledge and disciplines: a precious contribution, this, to enable us to go beyond the scientific and doctrinal fragmentation tipical of our contemporary culture, ’Unity in diversity’ becomes a revolution to bring about......” And in closing, a refined citation  by Jacques Maritain: ‘The normal way(...) is that of uniting the life of intelligence to the life of charity, and to sustain the one by means of the other, with the condition [of knowing] with certainty that the second is far more valuable than the first’."


Author: Andrea Cardinali - continue

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