IUS Greetings for 2013

IUS Greetings for 2013

On the brink of a new year

This time around we are looking towards the year that is beginning with uncertainties and perhaps also with fear, tempted at times by feelings of resignation.  There are many and different kinds of unknowns waiting for us and the seriousness of stressful situations we are verging towards could be tragic at times for many of us, for our sons and daughters, as well as others in various parts of the world, for this great single human family.

Yet, it is these very uncertainties and sufferings, that no one can escape, which invite us to have a spark of hope and a new, radical commitment towards responsibility.  In these past few months, a student at Sophia, with his heart and mind on his country, thinking about the sad conditions of injustice and poverty traversing it, said: “Some things can be seen only with eyes that have cried.”

It is because our eyes have cried, and still do with those who are crying, that we are able perhaps to see that something which lies deep inside of us, that something which tells us: “In spite of all, love always has the last word.”

We must start anew from here. Together.   All of us – as has been said – can launch our heart beyond the obstacle.  We must not be paralyzed by the unknown and its darkness, but, rolling up our sleeves we must face with courage, vision, and creativity, the challenges awaiting us at the gap.  Each travail lived with love announces new life.

For a disciple of Jesus, this fundamental attitude towards existence has a precise word: faith; that is, responsible and active entrustment to God, who is Love.  Even He has seen and sees those things that other eyes do not see: because He sees them with eyes full of tears with which the Father watched His Son become one of us and give his life for all, and I see Him yet in those who, in whatever way, are tormented or crushed by life.

Pope Benedict XVI has said: “This must be ‘The year of faith”.  If we live it like this, all together, it could become the year of small or great resurrections.  My heartfelt wishes to all!

Piero Coda

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