To get to know the IUS: Open Day 2013

To get to know the IUS: Open Day 2013

…but there are also newsletters and a Social Network


Open Day 2013 is here: next Friday, February 22, professors, staff and students – a factor that is obviously not taken for granted – this year have committed themselves to open the Institute’s doors and more important, their experience, to those young people who wish to discover Sophia and are waiting for a good occasion to verify in person what happens inside the classrooms and out, once the registration process to the various programs has been taken care of.   


The program of the day at the IUS, in the beautiful locality of the little city of Loppiano, is ready.       



In the meantime, at the beginning of February, newsletter N. 5 has been sent to friends of Sophia, a useful container of the main news of the Institute, already published on the web during the past month, to which is added the section “Coming Soon”: the appointments for the coming month. 


To register, you need only provide your e-mail address.


Many, especially among students and their friends, prefer to follow the works of the academic community through the Social Network.  Here they are:




The latest news: the new video clip made in mid-December at the S. Chiara Audiovisual Centre is finally on the IUS channel of Youtube.  Only a few minutes long, it is enlivened by the spontaneity of the students who share evaluations and moments of life experiences, but they suffice to present in a rounded way the IUS’s academic proposal, a privileged place to explore in the truth of daily existence, and in the encounter between disciplines and different cultures, the future of a culture of unity.

The new video clip!

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