Benedict XVI: A History making Act

Benedict XVI: A History making Act

Comment by Piero Coda at the Announcement of His Resignation


«No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends». Benedict XVI, since the beginning of his ministry, has surprised us because, with the simplicity and the radicalness of the Gospel he spoke of his relationship with Jesus, and of the relationship in Jesus we are called to live amongst us, in the most beautiful and intense terms of our experience: that of friendship.


The unexpected gesture with which he announced today his resignation of the ministry as Bishop of Rome and Successor to the Apostle Peter, is the highest sign of the friendship he has given us as a gift.  A high Gesture this, which not only puts an extraordinary seal on this pontificate, but which also opens a new season in the way of understanding and administering the Papal ministry. 


The stupor we are feeling, then, opens itself to gratefulness for the humility and the courage of an act that will make history.  Also one which, while making us feel ever closer to the heart of Benedict XVI, makes us feel closer as well to one another on the paths of light and hope traced by the Second Vatican Council.


Piero Coda


Saint Peter Square. Benedict XVI greets the rector of the IUS, Piero Coda and a Brazilian student, Caelison Lima de Andrade, in May 2010

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