Preparation for "Summer School 2014"

Preparation for "Summer School 2014"

42 teachers of Latin America are meeting at O’Higgins, in Argentina



From September 9th to the 11th,  the preparatory meeting was held for the second encounter of the  EdeV – Escuela de Verano, for Latin America, promoted by the IUS, which will take  place in  January  of 2014, entitled “Epistemologic Foundations for a Culture of Fraternity” (Fundamentos epistemológicos para una cultura de la fraternidad).


The Seminar took place at O’Higgins, in Mariapolis Lia, centre of the Focolare Movement in the province of Buenos Aires, where, through a series of lessons and dialogues, the contribution of university teachers and young students became interwoven.  Sophia’s rector, Piero Coda, traced methodological guidelines qualifying a University inspired towards transformation.

Of particular light and hope for scientific research and university formation in Latin America – a young,  exuberant continent, capable of struggle and risk, also because marked by strong inequalities –the objective of clarifying the finality of every academic activity was revealed: to articulate wisdom and science through the logic of a formation that would enable young people to undertake roads of thought and social practice inspired by principles of fraternity, reciprocity, equity and integral development. 


After the Seminar session dedicated to the evaluation of results of the first event of the  Escuela de Verano (December 2012 – January 2013), the group of experts defined the topics for the second encounter, which will see the participation of 80 students from all over Latin America, 50 of whom will be participating for the first time.

Certain that each new thing, as well as a “new thought”, comes from the giving of oneself, the participants – coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela – wished to personally commit themselves by drafting and underwriting a pact: that of transplanting one’s own cultural roots into the space of novelty and  communion disclosed by Jesus, so as to nurture it with the sap of Trinitarian love and to communicate the precious heredity of which each one is a carrier.


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