In Graz, Austria: Theological Symposium

In Graz, Austria: Theological Symposium

“Gott verworten, Gott verorten”. Giving a name and a place to God


Last October 24 – 25, the city of Graz, in Austria, hosted a high level theological symposium.  Present were also Piero Coda, rector of the IUS, plus another teacher of Theology, Vincenzo Di Pilato, and 6 students.


"Gott ver[w]orten", meaning: giving a name (Wort) and a place (Ort) to God. A strong motto, possible to compose with the robust German language: a strong motto for two very strong days; rich in contents, in-depth glimpses, innovative paths, and not only; also rich in relationships. Reason number one for this meeting was the recognition and gratitude for the person and the work of prof. Bernard Körner for his 20 years as ordinary of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Graz.  Convened in the  Priesterseminar, a building of suggestive baroque beauty, were colleagues and friends of the scholar from the four centres of theological studies of highest prestige in the region: from the university of Vienna, of Innsbruck and Graz and from the  Phil.-Theol. Hochschule Heiligenkreuz.


Prof. Bernard Körner


Present at these works were also the colleagues of the group of international study to which Körner himself also belonged, with Piero Coda, Stefan Tobler and Vincenzo di Pilato; choosing the occasion for an exploration of the hard, yet fascinating terrain of fundamental Theology, were six students from  Sophia, of different nationalities, of whom was asked to present the IUS to the many interested, in a moment of pause in the works.


In his introductory talk, taking a cue from the reflex ion of Thomas Aquinas, Piero Coda invited the participants to let themselves be guided by God Himself, Subject, more that Object, of Theology. The exchange between the different theologians was of great value and appreciated under multiple perspective points: each was able to dig inside his proper sector of research to be able to give new ‘clues’ so to speak, oriented to deepen the ‘name’ and the ‘place’ of God.


Prof. Kurt Appel during his speech


In a climate of sincere and amicable openness, there were paths seen of great interest for theological research, enriched, in rigorous respect of the diverse epistemologies, by the contribution of heterogeneous fields such as literature, the arts, but also of natural sciences, and physics, letting themselves be accompanied in their walk by experiences of eminent personalities such as Ignacious of Loyola, Madeleine Delbrêl and Chiara Lubich, as well as the input of other non-Christian denominations.
Moments lived together, in God. And it was He to open minds and hearts to say of Him.  “Gott verorten. Gott verworten.”


Author: Michel Bronzwaer
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