A "pact" to build the family of today and tomorrow

Even in Sophia the international seminar on the family


As part of the events to be held in Loppiano on the occasion of the convention on the family entitled "Chiara and the family", Sophia University Institute will also host an event. At the three day convention, from 10 - 12 March, marking the ninth anniversary of the death of Chiara Lubich – the founder of the Focolare Movement – around 800 participants from all around the world are expected to arrive in the little town of the movement, Loppiano. This year also celebrates 50th anniversary of the moment when the spirituality of the Focolare encountered family life. It all started in 1967, when Chiara Lubich confided a concern to a group of families:


“I want to entrust something to you: often whenever I saw these children, in orphanages, alone, I felt a strong desire to take ten, twenty or thirty of them under my care and be their mother.” This was the desire that marked the beginning of the movement of families to which she launched a wish, with the desire that many orphanages might be emptied: “I entrust to you hundreds, I’d like to say thousands, of orphans and let’s hope that over the years and centuries, this desire of mine becomes a reality.” In these little orphans Chiara would see the whole horizon of humanity. Today there are thousands of families around the world that recognize themselves in the vast movement of New Families. It promotes many initiatives (such as sponsorships/adoptions at a distance of children) and works widely to support and accompany engaged and married couples and families.


The event that will take place at Sophia aims at reflecting and building the family of today and tomorrow, through an intense and wide-ranging programme which looks at the family throughout the world with its local and cultural characteristics and global challenges. For three days Loppiano will become home and laboratory of and for a large family: a place that offers a unique opportunity for reflection and experience of a style of family life that is open, inclusive and ready to face the challenges and tragedies of our times, analyzed and lived in the light of Chiara Lubich's charism.


The morning session will begin with workshops for adults, youth and children, organized in collaboration with the Parish Movement, the centres for Gen 3 and Gen 4, AFNonlus and AMU. The afternoon session at the Auditorium, which will be streamed live, experts will speak on various topics related to themes regarding family. These experts will also be present at the Cultural Seminar held at the Sophia University (10 -11 March 2017). It will be an opportunity to develop together some early reflections and ideas about the launch of an International Study and Training Center of the Family Life with the aim of deepening the contribution of spirituality of unity for the family in the face of today’s challenges.


For more information, you can consult the full program (click here), visit the website www.famiglienuove.org, use famiglienuove@focolare.org  or call to  0694-11565.

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International seminar on the family: Loppiano 10-12 March 2017

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