Chiara Lubich: Charism, History, Culture.

14 marzo 2013




The 5th anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s death will see professors from various Italian and foreign universities belonging to the Focolare Movement, as promoters of a Convention entitled “Chiara Lubich. Charism, History, and Culture”, with the objective of recounting some pages of an ‘unedited’ story of the 1900s’ filled with innovative potential of doctrinal value.  


The Convention intends to go deeper into the cultural project contained in Chiara Lubich’s thought, bringing into relief some paths traced by her in walking along ways of peace at every latitude:

·       in establishing bridges between various fields of knowledge,

·       in working on the plane of encounters and co-habitation between people of different cultural and

·       religious traditions,

·       In bringing about dialogue at all levels, first of all ecumenical and interreligious, as indefatigable contribution in building a society worthy of man, 

·       with a commitment for making Europe the ‘common home’, and promoting unity among peoples through unedited projects and actualizations, such as the Economy of Communion.  


Rectors of universities in the world, who had a chance of recognizing in Chiara Lubich a testimony of a story of humanity that walks towards universal fraternity (brotherhood), will also be speaking on these topics.  


Because of its relevance, the Convention will be substituting the annual Seminar of the Institute: consequently, all students and professors of Sophia are warmly invited to participate.

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