Convention “Man and Desires”

19 aprile 2013 - 20 aprile 2013

The IUS is a partner in a project intending to open paths towards a new humanism.


The convention “Man and Desires” will be held April 19-20 at City of Castello and Monteripido.  The initiative has been organized by Agorà and Stromata together and is sponsored by a number of local enterprises.   



This convention is part of a wider cultural project of the School of politics of the Diocese of which both the City of Castello and Stromata Association are a part.  Of Franciscan inspiration, they have been carrying forward this project for a few years.  


Whilst giving value to the dimension of passions, specifically that of ‘desire’, the next appointment’s intention is to emphasize a qualifying aspect of the human being.  Desires are often considered as accessorizing elements, not constituent of a human being, sometimes assuming a negative value where man is ‘measured’ in view of the useful and convenient by a prospective that risks forgetting the deepest expectations which move and have always moved humanity.  Desire then, as fuel for action, but....what is its orientation?  What elements qualify the dynamics of desire?  In what way does it move man? 


The convention will consider this dimension from various perspectives and points of view: desire in the world of ethics and economy, desire in reference to artistic productions and lastly, desire as ‘awaiting’ the transcendent.


In the interdisciplinary area given to the convention, internationally known experts will speak on this topic, as well as someone from Sophia University Institute , a partner on this project.


For more information and to register for accommodation we invite you to visit the event’s website:  www.nuovoumanesimo.org.

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