Escuela de Verano – Summer School

29 dicembre 2012 - 06 gennaio 2013


“Mariapolis Lia”, O’Higgins (Argentina)


“Epistemological Foundations for a Culture of Fraternity.  Contemporary Theological, Scientific, and Political Perspectives.”


At year’s end, at the Argentinian little city of the Focolare Movement, the first session of the  Escuela de Verano (EdeV), will be inaugurated.  An interdisciplinary formative itinerary at a two-year university level, lasting 10 days, which will be presented in three annual sessions.                     

Syntonic with the experience that is lived at Sophia University Institute, the structure of the program is developed by intensive modules through frontal lessons and workshops, moments of individual and group study, and constant interaction – while learning, and sharing living arrangements – between the various participants.  

Each annual session will focus on a specific program.  The path, objectives and methodology will remain the same during the three years, while the topics and the professors proposing the formative contents will be changing. 

The first event 2012-2013 will tackle the study of the ‘Epistemological Foundations for a Culture of Fraternity’ under a theological, scientific and political profile. 

The topics proposed for the second and third years will be:  Civil economy and communion, social studies on the concept of agape action; social communication and access to information;   pedagogical currents inspired towards integral formation and reciprocity relationships (Pro-sociality, Learning-service, and others).


Director of the Scientific Committee for the EdeV: Osvaldo Barreneche


Guest professors for the first session, from the IUS will be:

For the theological perspective:
The Trinitarian God and the historical production of the Christian event
Professor: Piero Coda, Sistematic Theology


For the scientific perspective:

The relationship between mankind and the cosmos, scientific rationale and the relationship between natural sciences, faith and ecology
Professor: Sergio Rondinara, Epistemology and cosmology


For the political perspective:
Democracy and participation, new actors and relations in comparison with fraternity as political category
Professor: Daniela Ropelato, Political Science


Other professors from Latin-American Universities:

Cesar Guzman Barron, Andrés Porta, Miguel Niño Sandoval, Dolores y Pablo Lonngi, Susana Nuin, Soni Vargas Andrade.

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