Carlo Fumagalli (1933 - 2012)

Carlo Fumagalli (1933 - 2012)

A great and lasting friend of Sophia!

14 May 2012


This is how Carlo Fumagalli continues to live in the hearts of each of us at the Sophia University Institute in Loppiano. In fact, he followed its preparation and first steps with passion and competence, supporting and directing us in the initial fundamental choices and decisions regarding the functional set up of the Institute’s campus in its various aspects: from the library to the classrooms, faculty offices and the student housing.


The “globe” which welcomes everyone who comes to the Institute, remains in front of Sophia almost as a seal of his invaluable collaboration, offered always with joyful readiness and punctual execution. Also the article, printed in the first founding issue of the Sophia review, bearing the meaningful title: “The place of Sophia. Urban Studies on the Integration between the City and the University". It was this fruitful and multi-faceted experience of encounter and synergies that led to the activation of a course in our Institute on “Places and Relations in our Modern Cities", and that some of our students have been able to do further research in this direction.



The witness and contribution of Carlo thus remain a fundamental pillar in the concrete realization of the “idea” of the university according to the dream and wishes of Chiara Lubich. With the gratitude of the whole academic community and the assurances of our deepest unity to Carlo’s family members, allow me to express, from the depths of my heart, also my personal thank you for the sincere friendship that he always extended to us!


He is now embraced in that dwelling of Light that the imagination of the Father has always thought for him, in the joy of the unity of that universal family of brothers and sisters which was already his home down here. From there, we are sure that he will continue to inspire and sustain us with his intelligent and concrete love.


text: prof. Msgr. Piero Coda, photo: Sophia Archive


The place of Sophia. Urban Studies on the Integration between the City and the University [Language: italian, PDF 10 pp., 77KB] Carlo Fumagalli & Elena Granata's paper in Sophia Review, year I, nº 0. 

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