«The Nothingness-and-All of Love»

«The Nothingness-and-All of Love»

From June 13 - 15, 2012 the Sophia University Institute held the Theological Seminar  inspired on the words of Chiara Lubich «The Nothingness-and-All of Love», of which Jesus forsaken, eternal Word of the Father made flesh, made himself the expression of for us.


The work evolved, to the great satisfaction of the participants coming from different universities of Italy and Europe, on the same thread of last year’s Theological Seminar, the results of which are now available in the newly released book: Teologia “in” Gesù.



The human being has always intuited, confusingly but with infallible foresight, that: one needs to die in order not to die (moriar, ne moriar, wrote Saint Augustine), that is, in order “to see” the face of God and, in the light shining forth from it, the face of all that is. But what is it, or better, where does it lead to, what does it open up? Better yet, who is this “non” being?


The religious wisdom, of both the East and the West, ancient and modern philosophy, the Old and above all New Testament, mystic experience throughout the centuries, call on theology to take up this question, and strongly beckon to it. Also because today, the invocation of Augustine is no longer just an existential cry by someone, but has become the spiritual cry of the collective epochal soul, us John Paul II underlined at Segovia, recalling the lessons of John of the Cross.


Exploring this great theme head-on, the Seminar first went through two “doors”: the first leading back to the founding event, the New Testament; the second, which opened a window onto the wisdom of the East and the destiny of the modern West. 


From here, in a second moment, some “figures” emerged from the world of mystics and theology that, like in a mirror, allowed for some line of penetration into the inexhaustible human and divine truth of this “non” being; Saint Bonaventure, John of the Cross, Theresa of Lisieux.


In one conclusion, provisional and still open, a double vision was offered, at once retrospective and prospective, on the implications and the horizons of a believer’s thinking measured at the root on this reality.


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