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Selection for 3 Schoenstatt Foundation scholarships

Awarding of 3 scholarships for European students


Sophia University Institute has announced the selection for admission to the two-year Master’s Degree course for the academic year 2017/2018 and the awarding of 3 scholarships to young female students aged between 20 and 26, who are citizens of one of the Member States of the EU and the international  European Council.





The scholarships are subsidised by the Schoenstatt Foundation, established when in 2014, Fr. Heinrich Walter, President of the Schoenstat Apostolic Movement, after finding out about the institution founded by Chiara Lubich, decided to offer Sophia a huge donation, dedicated particularly to facilitating the enrolment of female students in the IUS courses, to promote their education and reinforce their contribution to the Church and European society.


The value of this initiative certainly surpasses its great economic feature, since it confirms above all, a participation in an educational project and consolidates the strong link between entities that cooperate to achieve the same goals.


The young women who wish to participate in this tender have to hold a first level university degree, achieved after at least three years of studies (corresponding to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits) in universities or equivalent institutes.



They also need to demonstrate that they have appropriate language abilities:



- certification of a B1 proficiency level in the Italian language for the applicants of the Master’s Degree in Trinitarian Ontology and in the Culture of Unity.


- certification of a B2 proficiency level in the English language, for the applicants of the Master’s Degree in Economic and Political Sciences.  



A commission of judges will select the winners through an examination of their achievements, the results of the interview on their motivations and the certified economic situation and the classification of merit will be published by 10 July 2017.
The scholarships awarded to the winners will consist in the total or partial exemption from the payment of the annual university fees for enrolment in the academic year 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.


At the end of the 1st year of the two-year cycle, the awarding of the total or partial exemption from payment of the 2nd academic year will be established by the Commission of judges only after the positive assessment of the academic merits achieved in the 1st year, with at least 40 ECTS by 15 July 2018.



For further information on the requisites and terms of the submission of applications and to download the relevant forms, see the attachments.  

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