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Semestral academic expression of research done at Sophia University Institute, of which it carries the name – ‘Sophia’, Wisdom – and its subtitle – ‘Research on foundations and correlation of knowledge’ – wishes to express the specific slant characterizing it and it commits it: it is about thinking of the meaning and the contribution that scientific disciplines foresee in both the research and teaching of Sophia along the sapient plane of  life and light and in interpersonal and interdisciplinary dialogue specifying both project and program.   


The authors’ contribution goes from biblical theology to systematic theology, from political philosophy to political economy, from epistemology and cosmology to logic and mathematical foundations.



Piero Coda, Scientific Director
Michele Zanzucchi, Responsible Director


Editorial Commettee

Composed of live-in professors and those entrusted with IUS lectures, the committee includes Antonio Maria Baggio (Political Philosophy), Luigino Bruni (Political Economy), Bernhard Callebaut (Social Sciences), Piero Coda (Systematic Theology), Benedetto Gui (Political Economy), Paul O’Hara (Ontology and Scientific Rationality), Judith Povilus (Logic and Mathematic Foundations), Sergio Rondinara (Epistemology and Cosmology), Daniela Ropelato (Political Science) and Gérard Rossé (Biblical Theology).


Editing Room

Alessandro Clemenzia
Lia Bigliardi Parlapiano

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